Northumbria Police Authority

No increase in Council Tax for policing

18 Feb 2011

Members of Northumbria Police Authority, on Wednesday, 16 February, agreed that there would not be any increase in the amount of money local people pay for police services in their Council Tax next year.

This means that residents in Band A properties, around 60% of all homes across Northumbria, will pay just £55.79 or only £1.07 per week.

The amount people pay in Council Tax for police services has been set as part of the police budget for 2011/12. The Authority is facing unprecedented funding cuts and to balance the police budget members agreed a package of savings amounting to £17.7million. The savings include reducing police officer numbers by 92 through natural wastage and reducing the number of police staff posts by 450 by March 2012. A Voluntary Redundancy Scheme has been opened for police staff and 365 volunteers have expressed an interest so far.

Councillor Mick Henry, Chair of Northumbria Police Authority said: “On Wednesday (16 February) we had to make some very difficult decisions. Over the next three years we need to make £57 million savings and this means changing the way we deliver policing across Northumbria. We are, however, committed to protecting frontline policing and are working closely with the Temporary Chief Constable to ensure we can continue to provide services local people want. This means that no police stations will close and local residents will not see a reduction of police officers on the streets.

“The budget for next year, although tough, does give us the ability to provide the services that meet the needs of communities across Northumbria. We have also been able to keep the amount people pay in council tax the same as last year so we can minimise the burden on local people during the current tough financial climate,” said Councillor Henry.

Temporary Chief Constable Sue Sim said: “There is no doubt as we have stated before that the financial climate we face is a challenging one.

“I remain fully committed to the delivery of frontline policing services to our communities and will maintain as far as possible the numbers of 24/7 response and neighbourhood teams, including CSO Patrol.

“At Northumbria we have a track record of excellence and I am determined that we should also continue to improve.

“I value the support of the Police Authority which has considered the reductions in grant and used reserve monies to support the force through a programme of change.”

Additional information:

The agreed police precept levels to be paid in Council Tax were:

  • Band A - £55.79 (£1.07 per week)
  • Band B - £65.09 (£1.25 per week)
  • Band C - £74.38 (£1.43 per week)
  • Band D - £83.68 (£1.60 per week)
  • Band E - £102.28 (£1.96 per week)
  • Band F - £120.87 (£2.23 per week)
  • Band G - £139.47 (£2.68 per week)
  • Band H - £167.36 (£3.22 per week)


The reductions in job numbers at Northumbria Police were confirmed on Wednesday as:

  • 164 police officer posts by March 2012 (this includes 92 posts identified in the budget for 2011/12 and other posts which have not been filled due to the job freeze implemented at Northumbria Police last year)
  • 450 police staff posts by March 2012
  • 154 police officer posts by March 2013 (budget year 2012/13)
  • 375 police staff posts by March 2013 (budget year 2012/13)
  • This means by March 2013 the job reductions will be 318 police officer posts and 825 police staff posts.




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